Logan Paul threatens to sue Coffeezilla over CryptoZoo ‘scam’ allegations

YouTuber Logan Paul has threatened to sue fellow YouTuber and internet detective Coffeezilla for defamation after he accused Paul’s CryptoZoo nonfungible token (NFT) project of being a “scam.”

The two have been battling back and forth on both social media and YouTube videos ever since Dec. 17, when Stephen Findeisen — also known as Coffeezilla — launched the first of a three-part video series attacking CryptoZoo and Paul, who was the face of the project.

“CryptoZoo was supposed to be a fun blockchain game that can earn you money […] but millions of dollars of investor money later, things are still broken,” he said.

In his most recent response, Logan Paul published a YouTube video on Jan. 4 accusing the internet detective of having “led the charge to drive and monetize a narrative telling millions of people that I’m a fraud or I tried to scam my audience.”

new video
My Response To Coffeezilla’s Scam Allegations
important that you watchhttps://t.co/KbsWsXll49 pic.twitter.com/eYOHDfC2IZ

— Logan Paul (@LoganPaul) January 3, 2023

He has also accused Coffeezilla of having done so without verifying any background information or substantiating any evidence, adding that he “took multiple criminals’ words as truth and broke laws, you still published the defamation,” adding:

“I’ll see you in court.”

CryptoZoo is an NFT game with the premise of allowing “ZooKeepers” to buy NFT eggs using the game’s native token, ZOO. These eggs would then be hatched into animals that can be bred to create hybrid animals.

The hybrids were intended to be tradeable and provide ZooKeepers with ZOO, with Paul describing the project in an Aug. 21, 2021, podcast as a “really fun game that makes you money.”

ZOO pic.twitter.com/JOnVCpB7JE

— CryptoZoo (@CryptoZooCo) May 5, 2022

Additionally, Paul had suggested the art for the game would be “handmade” by 10 different artists over six months.

The hybrids were the focus of a Sept. 11, 2021, video from Coffeezilla in which he described the images as “a…


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