2 Stock-Split Stocks Soared 59% and 171% in the First Half of 2024. Could the Second Half Be Even Better?

Some companies create so much long-term value that their stock price soars into the thousands of dollars. That makes it hard for smaller investors to buy one full share, so those companies often execute a stock split, which increases the number of shares in circulation, and organically reduces the price per share by a proportional amount.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is creating a mind-boggling amount of value for a handful of companies this year. Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) stock is up 171% in 2024 already, and Broadcom (NASDAQ: AVGO) stock is sitting on a 59% gain. In both cases, those returns have added to years of outstanding performance, which have led both companies to announce stock splits in the past month:

Nvidia stock was recently trading above $1,200, so it executed a 10-for-1 stock split, which went into effect on June 10. Investors can now buy one share for just $130.

Broadcom stock currently trades above $1,700, and it just announced a 10-for-1 stock split that will go into effect on July 15. At that time, investors will be able to buy a single share for around $170 (based on its current price).

So, can Nvidia and Broadcom carry their incredible momentum into the second half of this year?

1. Nvidia

Some Wall Street analysts refer to Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang as the “Godfather of AI.” No one knew it back then, but he sparked a revolution when he hand-delivered the first AI supercomputer to ChatGPT creator OpenAI in 2016. Today, some of the world’s largest tech companies are clamoring to get their hands on Nvidia’s latest graphics processing chips (GPUs) for the data center, which are the most powerful in the industry when it comes to developing AI.

The H100 GPU is leading the way so far. During the recent fiscal 2025 first quarter (ended April 28), it helped propel Nvidia’s data center revenue 427% higher compared to the year-ago period, to a record $22.6 billion. Triple-digit-percentage sales growth has been a persistent theme over the past year.

Now, Nvidia is gearing up to ship a new series of GPUs built on its Blackwell architecture. The GB200, for example,…


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