Champ Medici talks Web3 communities, NFTs, music and gaming

The Web3 industry has experienced massive growth in recent years, from a niche showing glimpses of the future of the internet to the reality of building that future with the brightest minds and makers. 

The space has also received support from several influential people, including big names from outside of Web3. Two of those people are world-famous rapper and entrepreneur Snoop Dogg and his son Cordell Broadus, also known as Champ Medici.

Over the past year, Broadus and Snoop have been at the forefront of combining Web3 technologies like nonfungible tokens (NFTs), the metaverse and blockchain with the music industry and its large community.

In November 2022, alongside his other Web3-related projects, Snoop Dogg partnered with Billy Ray Cyrus to bridge music communities across genres and blockchain networks with a music NFT drop.

“Snoop Dogg and Billy Ray Cyrus are launching a hip-hop country single with the new Animal Concerts NFT drop”$ANML #NFTs #Bullish

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— Animal Concerts (@animalconcerts) April 5, 2022

Broadus has been an essential part of bringing his father’s legacy to life in this new era of digital innovation. Cointelegraph sat down with him to understand what goes into bringing a legacy artist and communities into the Web3 space. 

He explained that in 2020, he was introduced to the metaverse, and shortly after that, his father was approached by When collaborators brought up digital assets and NFTs in the studio, he recalled that no one understood the concept well enough to take it seriously.

“I took it upon myself to really learn it so I could put it in a language that my father could understand, and not just my father, but all of the culture.”

Broadus said he wanted to be a “bridge” to bring people into this space so that they could learn how to digitize their business and not rely only on the methods of the past. He felt a lot of musicians didn’t realize the potential of their unreleased music being,…


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