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Fox Business producer Eleanor Terrett says that, as she gains more recognition in the crypto community, she is becoming a prime target for social media impersonators.

“So, I find myself having to tweet more often, saying, ‘Just a reminder, guys, I don’t have a private profile; I will never reach out to you,’” Terrett tells Magazine.

However, she warns that if you’re on the hunt for the next runaway altcoin, it’s probably not going to be her who finds it for you.

“I don’t have stock trading tips or crypto trading tips,” Terrett declares.

It’s a pity she can’t say the same for all those impersonators floating around out there: “They’re scamming people as well. There is one called Eleanor Terrett Private. They are inboxing people, saying, ‘Subscribe to my trading strategy.’”

What shocked Terrett even more is that some of these followers have “three, four and five thousand followers.”

While it might feel kind of nice, she’s genuinely curious about how these impostors manage to amass such a following pretending to be her.

My biggest take away from these #HinmanEmails is that it seems @SECGov officials who weighed in on the speech believed the goal was to provide market guidance and tried to write it in a way that would convey that. Thus, in the @Ripple case, the SEC lawyers’ argument that the…

— Eleanor Terrett (@EleanorTerrett) June 13, 2023

Terrett has amassed over 90,000 followers through her consistent commentary on the Ripple v. SEC lawsuit.

Her fanbase is ballooning so fast that people are blowing up her DMs for paid sponsorships, just like those fancy influencers. 

But, for the moment, she’s not really vibing with the idea.

“I don’t want to promote anything at the moment; I have an employer, and, just right now, it’s just not for me. Maybe one day down the line, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll move jobs, or I’ll take up something else in the crypto space.”

However, she openly acknowledges that she…


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