Analysts Say These 2 Stocks Are Their Top Picks for the Rest of 2023

We’re winding up the third-quarter of 2023, and what could be more natural than to figure out the best stocks for the rest of the year?

Stock picking of this sort is an essential skill for every investor, and fortunately, the Street’s analysts make it easier. They research and analyze various stocks, taking into account a wide range of factors such as company financials, market trends, and growth potential. Through their expertise, these analysts identify and highlight which stocks they believe to be their ‘Top Picks.’

We can take a closer look and find out just which stocks are making the cut. Here are the details on two of them, drawn from the TipRanks platform; each is a Strong Buy, with solid upside. Let’s dive in and find out just what makes them ‘Top Picks’ for the rest of 2023.

Evolv Technologies Holdings (EVLV)

The first ‘Top Pick’ we’re looking at is Evolv Technologies, a leading company specializing in cutting-edge weapons detection systems tailored for security screening. Evolv is developing new generations of weapons detection technologies to meet the challenges posed by today’s multifaceted threat environments. Rather than using legacy metal detection, Evolv bases its security and detection systems on advanced sensors and AI for the most sensitive possible detection of concealed weapons. Evolv locates its sensors at ingress points and allows entrant screening without anyone having to hand over bags or submit to hand screening.

Evolv has not just opened up new technological vistas for security screening; the company has also deployed them in a range of environments. The scanners can be found in ticketed venues, casinos, schools, and even industrial workplaces. Evolv has consciously tried to avoid the traditional ‘transport hub’ locations for public screening.

One quick statistic will show just how popular Evolv’s screening tech is: the company has, since its founding, screened more than 750 million people, making it second in scale only to the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees airport screening.



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