How To Collect $1,000 Per Month From Warren Buffett’s Favorite Dividend Stock

Legendary investor Warren Buffett has achieved astounding returns throughout his career. From 1964 to 2022, his company Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (NYSE:BRK) delivered an overall gain of 3,787,464%, dwarfing the S&P 500’s 24,708% return during the same period.

Other than picking stocks that skyrocketed in value, Buffett also collects dividends — a lot of dividends.

Buffett famously said, “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

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Plenty of companies in Buffett’s portfolio pay dividends to shareholders. The most notable is perhaps Coca-Cola Co. (NYSE:KO).

Buffett started buying Coca-Cola shares in the late 1980s. Today, Berkshire holds 400 million shares of the beverage giant that are worth $23.1 billion.

It’s no secret that Buffet has been a fan of the soft drink. He once said, “If I eat 2,700 calories a day, a quarter of that is Coca-Cola.”

More importantly, Buffett has unwavering confidence in the company’s business.

“If you gave me $100 billion and said take away the soft drink leadership of Coca-Cola in the world, I’d give it back to you and say it can’t be done,” he said.

That confidence is paying off handsomely in the form of passive income. In 2022, Coca-Cola paid four quarterly dividends of 44 cents per share — or $1.76 per share for the year. Considering that Berkshire held 400 million shares of Coca-Cola, it collected $704 million in dividends from the company last year.

But you don’t need to be the Oracle of Omaha to earn dividends from the beverage giant.

Growing Dividends From Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola was paying quarterly dividends of 44 cents per share in 2022. But the payout isn’t standing still. In February 2023, Coca-Cola’s board approved a 4.6% increase to the quarterly dividend to 46 cents per share.

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That marked the company’s 61st consecutive annual dividend hike.

Despite the ups and downs the world economy went through over the last six decades, Coca-Cola shareholders received bigger dividend checks every year.

Coca-Cola follows a quarterly distribution schedule. If you want to collect…


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