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Gracy Chen, managing director of global cryptocurrency exchange Bitget, advised her followers and friends not to scan their eyeballs in exchange for a few Worldcoin tokens.

“There’s a huge privacy concern,” she tells Magazine, adding that she isn’t optimistic about its price prospects given the anticipated influx of WLD tokens in the near future.

“There will be much more released in the upcoming year or two,” she explains.

Chen admits that her gig with Bitget is pretty cool, but it also means her American pals constantly bug her for favors.

“Since we stopped onboarding U.S. customers, I’ve had lots of friends who hold a U.S. passport ask if they can get a little back way to open an account.”

“I refuse a lot of requests like that. It is a red line that we just don’t cross,” Chen says. 

Before she started steering strategy at Bitget, Chen worked as an anchor and producer at Phoenix TV’s tech and finance channel, a major player in China’s media scene. 

However, a billion-dollar idea came knocking and quickly led Chen away from journalism.

In 2015, she co-founded a tax startup designed for freelancers, and it skyrocketed to unicorn status in just three years.

“It’s a financial tech company. So, what they do is they provide services for freelancers. They serve the freelancers and provide taxation and salary automation services,” she says.

However, one of her proudest achievements was having football legend Lionel Messi join the Bitget team as a partner.

Chen says Messi faced stiff competition from many candidates, but Bitget ultimately selected him due to his paternal qualities and similarities with the exchange. 

“He had a good reputation as a father, husband and team leader, and also we kind of see some similarity between Bitget and Messi,” she states.

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