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“I live in Switzerland. I have guns at home. Anybody who shows up at my home with violent intentions risks being literally shot at,” Heaver warns altcoiners who send her death threats online.

Speaking to Magazine, Heaver explains that she blames memecoin founders for fueling the fiery users on Crypto Twitter.

“I mean, there’s so much responsibility on these community leaders and altcoin leaders. They’re egging on their followers to send threats and intimidate people,” Heaver declares.

As a prominent crypto lawyer in Dubai and Switzerland, Heaver has 41,200 followers — more than your average lawyer. Though not as famous as your Buterins and Heilperns, it’s still fairly impressive considering she has a care-free attitude toward it:

“If somehow they cancel me, I will continue posting on LinkedIn because I have a huge following on LinkedIn.”

Heaver is a self-proclaimed Bitcoin maxi who speaks at crypto conferences all over the world. She says that most of the threats she gets online are because she warns people to steer clear of dodgy altcoins. 

When a token founder gets sued or faces legal action, she unpacks the legal jargon and spills the tea to her followers.

Most recently, she was a target of the Hex community after founder Richard Heart was hit with a lawsuit.

“I had people sending death threats against my children, saying they know which kindergarten they go to,” she says.

SEC has sued Richard Heart, aka Richard Schueler, founder of Hex, PulseChain, and PulseX

Here are key allegations:

1) Heart raised over $1B by selling tokens for his projects.

2) Misused his control of the projects, making suggestive statements about potential increases in… pic.twitter.com/XyNuaeB3sc

— Irina ₿. Heaver (@IrinaHeaver) July 31, 2023

Heaver states she works with law enforcement to bust scammy memecoins projects.

Before jumping into crypto in 2016, Heaver worked as a lawyer in the oil and gas industry for 13 years.

“I was general counsel of…


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