Ordinals still make up majority of Bitcoin txs despite price collapse

Ordinal inscriptions have continued to dominate activity on the Bitcoin network over the past week despite the cryptocurrency’s recent price decline and suggestions that the hype around Bitcoin NFTs have died.

On Aug. 21, Ordinals developer “Leonidas” pointed out that Bitcoin had 530,788 transactions over the past 24 hours, with 450,785 of those transactions being Ordinals related.

“In the midst of everyone claiming ‘Ordinals are dead’ they have literally accounted for 84.9% of the activity on Bitcoin,” he said.

Over the past 24 hours Bitcoin had 530,788 transactions.

450,785 of those transactions were Ordinals related.

In the midst of everyone claiming “Ordinals are dead” they have literally accounted for 84.9% of the activity on Bitcoin.

You can’t make this stuff up.

— Leonidas (@LeonidasNFT) August 20, 2023

Data from Dune Analytics backs up the trend, reporting that there were more than 400,000 ordinal inscriptions on Aug. 20, while Bitinfocharts reports a daily Bitcoin transaction count of around 556,000.

This means that more than three-quarters of the current network activity was Ordinals related on Aug. 20.

85% of on-chain bitcoin transactions in the past 24 hours are ordinals related


the main usecase of the bitcoin chain is ORDINALS pic.twitter.com/PCZt4if5jf

— Udi Wertheimer (@udiWertheimer) August 20, 2023

Industry researcher Eric Wall added to that, observing that over the week, 54% of the transactions on the Bitcoin network were Ordinals.

According to Dune, there have been 25.5 million Ordinal inscriptions, generating $53.4 million in fees on the Bitcoin network.

Inscriptions are currently dominated by BRC-20 token minting, with 1.9 million of them minted last week.

Weekly inscriptions by type. Source: Dune Analytics

The recent observations paint a different picture to a DappRadar report on Aug. 17 that claimed that Ordinals NFT usage and sales volume had tanked since peaking in May, prompting some crypto observers to declare the hype as having “died down.”

However, this…


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