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Scott Melker is the host of The Wolf Of All Streets Podcast and author of The Wolf Den newsletter.

“If I tweeted about a small cap [crypto] of some sort right now, the price would probably change by like 50%,” says Scott Melker, better known to his 904,800 Twitter followers as The Wolf Of All Streets.

Melker says he takes this responsibility seriously and won’t share tweets that might “impact the market” – but this makes Twitter “a lot more boring” from his end. In fact, Melker declares that Twitter “stopped being fun” when he reached 100,000 followers.

“That’s when I went through a phase of a real love-hate relationship with Twitter because that’s when I guess 10% of the people who respond to comments were trolling at any given time.”

All you can really post to 900,000 followers is “Bitcoin and inspirational quotes” because “everything else” will land you in hot water. 

After graduating from Penn State University with an Anthropology degree in 1999, Melker tried his hand at a “million” other things — finding the most success in his 20-year stint as a DJ.

Shortly after finishing university, he also started his own magazine in Philadelphia called 101 Magazine, focusing on street culture and city vibes.

It caught the attention of a “huge” magazine called Frank 151, which acquired it, and Melker became the editor-in-chief of both. 

During that time, he had the opportunity to attend “insane” parties and rub shoulders with legendary acts like the Wu-Tang Clan and Outcast.

The music industry led him to try crypto trading in the first place.

“I just happened to look into crypto because there was a bunch of DJs trading it,” he says.

He first started trading on the Gemini crypto exchange in 2016 and recalls buying Bitcoin to send it to another exchange, Bittrex, so he “could buy Ethereum and Ripple.” ETH was “under 20 bucks” back then, he notes in a cheeky humble brag.

Rather than some lofty higher…


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