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Decentralized Web 3 cross-chain router allegedly under control of one-man

Imagine a system where all your money is controlled by one man and his family and when there is cause for concern, the propaganda machine immediately goes ‘brrr’ to put on a facade that everything is just fine despite some alarming withdrawls. Sounds more like a one party state? No, welcome to blockchain, specifically, Multichain. 

A man alleged to be Multichain co-founder and CEO Zhao Jun (CryptoRank)

On July 14, Chinese decentralized cross-chain bridge protocol Multichain announced that it would cease operations after three years. The reason? The only person allegedly holding the private keys to over $1.5 billion in users’ crypto stored on Multichain was its co-founder and CEO Zhao Jun and later, his sister (name unknown). Both were arrested by Chinese police — but it’s still not clear why. 

Zhao Jun was reportedly arrested as early as May 21, but it appears that Multichain staff did not want you to know that… until now, when one discrepancy after another made it impossible to bury the truth. 

The whole ordeal started on or around May 24, when Multichain users reported that funds had not arrived for nearly 72 hours after being sent. Admins immediately responded that the delay was due to a backend node upgrade “taking longer than expected,” and that “all affected transactions will arrive after the upgrade is complete.”

“Most routes are working as usual, as some routes (Kava, zkSync, Polygon zkEVM) are temporarily suspended. All affected transactions will arrive after the upgrade is complete. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.”

At that time, some users were already aware of CEO Zhao Jun’s arrest by Chinese police. In response, co-founder Alfred Xu decided to step in to quash the “rumors” and save users from “disinformation,” writing in the protocol’s Chinese Telegram channel: “Currently all team members are safe and sound; the main operations…


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