The Flash goes Web3, Yuga Labs still working hard on ‘audacious’ Otherside project and more

Warner’s The Flash goes Web3, to a lack of applause…

Warner Bros.’ nonfungible token (NFT) unit has unveiled a new Web3 experience for the recently released DC Comics superhero movie, The Flash, which reportedly flopped at the box office.

According to an announcement from Warner Bros. Digital Collectibles, The Flash Web3 Movie Experience will launch on July 18 and include NFT collections, augmented reality experiences, access to behind-the-scenes content and the entire film in 4K ultra HD, to name a few.

The Flash Web3 experience. Source: Warner Bros. Digital Collectibles.

The project will be hosted on the Eluvio blockchain, which Warner Bros. has used in the past for similar Superman and The Lord of the Rings Web3 experiences.

The experience is being packaged as part of two different mystery bag editions, Mystery and Premium.

The Mystery edition will cost $35 and the Premium edition will cost $100, with the latter containing greater benefits and a shot at getting seemingly better NFTs.

Over on Twitter, the community reaction wasn’t overly enthusiastic.

It’s official, The Flash is the first new release movie to hit the blockchain!

— Warner Bros. Digital Collectibles (@WarnerBrosNFT) July 14, 2023

The top comment from user Satvik Sethi has 1,649 likes at the time of writing and simply states: “Pay your writers, and stop cash-grabbing Web3.”

Another user sarcastically wrote: “Wow, the Flash traveled back to 2021,” in reference to the manic NFT bull market of that year, while Twitter user Simon suggested that Warner Bros. needs to “fire” whoever is running their Web3 department.

Snarky comments in response to The Flash Web3 experience. Source: Twitter

Yuga Labs focusing on Otherside metaverse amid BAYC downturn

With the floor price of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs tanking in 2023, Yuga Labs CEO Daniel Alegre has emphasized that the firm is working hard to build out its Otherside metaverse project.

Speaking at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference on July 13,…


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