Insiders Pour Millions Into These 2 Stocks, J.P. Morgan Says They Have up to 175% Upside — Here’s Why You Should Pay Attention

The investing game can appear complicated as there are many issues to consider before leaning into a stock: Is the time right to load up? Are the shares overvalued? Will a beaten-down stock ever recover?

All of these concerns are valid, but there are ways to simplify the process, such as examining insiders’ actions. By insiders, we refer to corporate officers who operate “on the inside” and are responsible for the performance of the companies they work for. After all, they have knowledge not available to the casual investor. And when they are seen picking up shares of their own firms’ stock, especially in bulk, it sends a clear message to investors they think the shares offer good value at current levels.

If that is not convincing enough, when the same stocks get the thumbs up from analysts working at one of the world’s biggest banks, such as J.P. Morgan, it certainly warrants a closer look.

So, we’ve done just that. Using TipRanks’ Insiders Hot Stocks tool, we have homed in on two names into which insiders have been pouring millions recently, and which JPMorgan stock experts also believe have room for further growth – with one potentially boasting an upside of a significant 175%. Moreover, the analyst consensus rates both of them as Strong Buys. So, let’s see why you might want to pay attention to these two stocks right now.

Akoya Biosciences (AKYA)

We’ll first head to the life sciences space and get the lowdown on Akoya Biosciences, a firm that calls itself “the Spatial Biology company.” That is, it is a pioneer in spatial phenotyping technology that enables researchers and clinicians to gain deeper insights into the complex biology of diseases at the cellular level.

Combined, the company’s single-cell imaging products, such as The PhenoCycler (previously known as CODEX), and the PhenoImager (known before as Phenoptics), offer a complete solution that caters to the wide-ranging needs of researchers in the fields of discovery, translational, and clinical research.

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The products have been steadily gaining traction, and that…


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