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Author of Undressing Bitcoin: A Revealing Guide to the World’s Most Revolutionary Asset and host of The Layah Heilpern Show.

Author, podcaster and crypto influencer Layah Heilpern’s unapologetic and sometimes controversial tweets have amassed her an impressive 606,900 Twitter followers.

She tells Hall of Flame she fearlessly “speaks the truth about things” and admires others who do likewise. 

Unlike many influencers represented by fancy talent agencies, Heilpern decided to keep it all in the family by hiring her brother Gideon as her manager.

“There’s no one I trust more in this world than my brother. I can rely on him 100%,” Heilpern says.

Heilpern says she has “great parents” and isn’t shy about letting the world know her mother is more attractive than Madonna. (Although that’s no longer as impressive as it once was.)

Before achieving fame in the world of crypto, she had an interesting stint working as a journalist for Chinese state media, when she briefly became a business and finance correspondent for a China Central Television offshoot in 2019.

“I used to work with China’s Global TV network, so I actually used to be a journalist for the Chinese government,” she reveals, adding that working there took micromanagement on an entirely new level:

“I did one report on Huawei technology. I had all the Chinese people around me checking what I was saying and what I wasn’t saying. So, we’re instructed to make it a fluff piece rather than an actual good report.” 

However, she threw her career in state-sponsored journalism out the window when she fell down the crypto rabbit hole.

Heilpern became obsessed with the subject and even published a book called Undressing Bitcoin: A Revealing Guide to the World’s Most Revolutionary Asset in 2021 despite admitting she “was always terrible at English in school.”

As for her career highlight so far? She says nothing has topped interviewing the big wig of the world’s largest crypto…


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