These 3 Beaten-Down Stocks Could Stage a Strong Rebound, Analysts Say

Wilt Chamberlain holds the NBA record for career rebounds, with 23,924 in total, or 22.9 per game, for a truly great sustained performance. But rebounds don’t only come in basketball, and a savvy investor, while not likely to pick up 23,924 rebounding stock transactions, can still find plenty of stocks that are primed for rebounds in the current market environment.

That environment, with headwinds still in play making every shot more difficult, has left plenty of fundamentally sound stocks undervalued, down from their peaks, sometimes by 50% or more. According to Wall Street’s analysts, these are the opportunities that investors should be looking for

We’ve made a start on it, using the TipRanks platform to locate three stocks with beaten-down prices but solid prospects for the future. According to the data, each of these has fallen more than 50% in recent months, but each also has a ‘Strong Buy’ consensus rating from the analysts and boasts plenty of upside potential. In fact, certain Street analysts see all three posting triple-digit gains over the coming year. Here are the details.

Sunrun, Inc. (RUN)

Let’s start with Sunrun, a company in the residential solar power niche that offers customers a range of options for home-based solar power installations. These are package deals, custom made for each customer’s home, and include everything needed to make a perfect fit to the customer’s particular location and power needs. Sunrun can handle everything involved in the installation, from setting up the rooftop photovoltaic panels to installing power storage batteries and smart control systems, to connecting the solar installation to the local power grid.

In addition to offering a full-service solar installation, Sunrun also offers several financing options. Customers can choose from paying the full cost up front, to own the system completely, or can amortize it as a lease, on a long-term or a monthly basis. The company can also provide loans to make the installations affordable. The company’s combination of complete residential installations and…


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