2 Stocks That Will Benefit Most From ChatGPT’s Meteoric Growth (Besides Microsoft)

AI – artificial intelligence – has been stirring up the tech pot in recent times. With the release of ChatGPT, and the explosion of AI-powered natural language into the realm of online search, content creation, and even picture editing, it’s become clear that AI is the next frontier of the tech space.

A sudden boom of this sort will always bring opportunities with it. New jobs and new products, of course – but also renewed opportunities in the stock market. Companies related to AI, either directly or through connections to high-profile applications such as ChatGPT, will find or forge new paths, and they’ll be hungry for investors.

Investors, however, will need to take care in choosing where to put their funds. Some AI-related firms are more equal than others, and some careful sorting is in order before buying in. That brings us to the Smart Score, the AI-powered tool from TipRanks that collects and collates all the data on more than 8,400 publicly traded equities, and rates them according to 8 factors that are strongly correlated with future outperformance. The combined score is given according to a simple linear scale, 1 to 10, with a ‘perfect 10’ indicating a stock that clearly deserves a closer look.

The combination of a Perfect 10 with a strong connection to AI/ChatGPT should make a solid starting point for today’s tech investments. Here are two such stocks, presented along with comments from the Wall Street analysts.

Perion Network (PERI)

We’ll start with Perion Network, an innovative leader in the global digital advertising business. The company focuses on increasing engagement for its clients, through ad search, social media, and video/CTV content, and estimates its potential market as $300 billion or more. That’s not peanuts, so a big opportunity there for Perion.

The company is already part of a strategic relationship with Microsoft and its Bing search engine, and that leads to its direct AI connection. Microsoft has publicly gone big on AI and ChatGPT as the base for improving and upgrading Bing; Perion and Bing work together in a…


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