Gucci to drop Otherside pendants, Jack Daniels taps AR, Web3 and more

Otherside holders get dripped out in Gucci

Luxury fashion giant Gucci has designed a limited edition pendant for Yuga Labs’ Otherside metaverse that will come in both physical and nonfungible token (NFT) forms.

Gucci’s silver jewelry piece is dubbed the “KodaPendant,” and will drop on April 6 for hodlers of the Koda or Vessel NFTs, which essentially function as either creatures or avatars in Otherside.

Koda and KodaPendant NFT artwork. Source: Yuga Labs

The physical chain itself is 50cm long, with a Koda-shaped pendant engraved with “GG.” There will be 3,333 in total on sale for 450 ApeCoin (APE) a pop, worth roughly $1,930 at current prices.

Once the NFTs are purchased, their Koda or Vessel NFT metadata will be updated with a KodaPendant trait, resulting in a physical update to the token’s associated animated character.

Introducing the first discovery of #OthersideRelicsByGucci, a #GucciKodaPendant paying homage to the origins of @Othersidemeta. #GucciJewelry Discover more

— gucci (@gucci) April 3, 2023

It is the first drop as part of a broader collection called Otherside Relics By Gucci, with the two brands being tight-lipped on what is specifically set to come next.

Explaining the partnership in an April 4 blog post, Yuga Labs noted the duo is looking to “push the boundaries at the intersection of fashion, entertainment, and gaming.”

“Throughout our extensive partnership, we will work together to engage Voyagers in immersive experiences at the intersection of fashion, entertainment, and technology,” the firm wrote.

Jack Daniels gets nifty

Whiskey producer Jack Daniels has launched a new Web3-focused campaign built around Polygon-based digital collectibles and Augmented Reality (AR) in partnership with Yahoo Creative Studios.

In a Pokemon Go-style map-based game, the duo will launch an AR mobile experience across five Australian cities where users can explore certain areas to find a “Jack Daniel’s crate.”

The crates contain prizes such…


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