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Lark Davis, a self-described “cheeky” and “sarcastic” personality, has been actively involved in the world of cryptocurrency since 2017.

With his bold price forecasts, educational content and witty memes, the popular influencer has amassed an impressive social media following, boasting over 1 million followers on both Twitter and Instagram.

Although, if Davis’ Twitter and Instagram accounts are like the popular kids at school, his Facebook page is the quiet kid at the back of the classroom, with only 20,000 likes.

Davis was an English teacher before he dived into the crypto world.

He made the courageous decision to leave his job as a teacher in November 2017 during the “peak of the bull run.”

“I really enjoyed teaching… it’s spilled over into my content creation now.”

However, when the bull market came to an end, he faced a “tough time, trying to make a living during a bear market.”

“There were definitely moments where I was thinking this is tough, but there was never a moment where I thought I need to go back to my job.”

Lark Davis in one of his zillion or so videos. (Twitter)

What led to Twitter fame?

Despite having over 1 million followers on Twitter, Davis didn’t have any grand plan to build his audience except just “consistently posting” over the years.

He tries to avoid just posting “all hardcore value content,” as he thinks of himself as the “fun” guy with the memes and “stupid opinions.”

Davis admits it’s a mystery which tweets land and which don’t — an “educational post might get 50 likes,” while a seemingly frivolous tweet about Dogecoin going “to the moon” will get “1,000 likes.”

What to expect on Twitter?

Davis said his content is “a lot of news” and “fun stuff” as well as the occasional chart and educational content from his website, The Wealth Mastery.

“Obviously, memes are on there, too — you gotta have some fun, all just business and serious stuff [is]…


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