Cointelegraph 2023 Top 100 full list now mintable as digital collectibles

Beginning March 20, folks across the crypto industry will be able to mint nonfungible tokens (NFTs) out of Cointelegraph’s 2023 Top 100. Cointelegraph unveiled its 2023 Top 100 list of the most impactful heroes and villains in the crypto and blockchain space in February. It was published in batches throughout the month, counting down to the top-ranked profile, with each entry including a bio and an animated picture.

Check out Cointelegraph’s 2023 Top 100 and collect the profiles

Over a seven-day period starting March 20, the profiles of everyone on Cointelegraph’s 2023 Top 100 will be mintable as limited-edition NFTs. Only 100 NFTs can be minted from each profile, and minting is only available during the seven-day window. After that, interested buyers will have to look to secondary marketplaces if they want to pick one up.

Purchasable via bank cards or Polygon’s MATIC (MATIC), each unique profile’s NFT starts off at $5 and becomes more expensive as subsequent NFTs are minted for it, with the price capped at $100. All proceeds from this limited-edition drop will go to support the victims of the recent earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

Cointelegraph’s 2023 Top 100 is wide-ranging and includes both entities, such as the Central Bank of Nigeria at No. 67; concepts, such as decentralized exchanges at No. 37; and people, such as ConsenSys CEO Joseph Lubin at No. 15.

Want to grab the profile of someone in the top 10 as an NFT? Perhaps Binance founder and CEO Changpeng Zhao at No. 3, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin at No. 2 or Bitcoin itself in the No. 1 position? Buyers interested in the top 10 profiles will need to also hold an article from the Cointelegraph Historical Collection.

Cointelegraph is partnering with Mintmade to bring you its Top 100 digital collectibles as well as its Historical Collection. Earnable tokens called “Minting Points” can also be used to buy Cointelegraph Top 100 NFTs.


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