How NFTs are used in the UAE

As the United Arab Emirates (UAE) continues to provide a welcoming regulatory framework for blockchain-based technologies, nonfungible tokens (NFTs) continue to prosper within the region and are used by projects in various ways. 

From concert tickets to research and philanthropy, Cointelegraph went to Dubai and Abu Dhabi to explore how various crypto projects operating within the UAE are using NFTs.

NFTs help medical researchers get data from gamers

A project that operates at the Jumeirah Village Circle in Dubai found a way to use NFTs to get data and funding for researchers. At the recent AIBC Dubai conference at Festival City, Cointelegraph Spoke with Farcana Labs’ artificial intelligence scientist Dmitry Mikhailov to learn how the company has integrated NFTs into its research.

Cointelegraph’s Ezra Reguerra with Farcana Labs’ Dmitry Mikhailov at the AIBC Dubai conference

Mikhailov told Cointelegraph that Farcana collects data from gamers, which he describes as “donors,” in exchange for a fraction of future intellectual property rights. Scientists can gather data and funding for their research projects through what they call “research NFTs,” which are given to donors and investors. Mikhailov explained: 

“For me, as a scientist, as a professor, it’s a huge way to get funds without applying to grants. All you have to do is just publish your research, get multiple donors, show it to investors, and say, look, I can find a new way to detect Alzheimer’s disease based on how you move your mouse.”

According to the Farcana Labs team, some of the data accumulated from players is also being sent to Rashid Hospital — a government hospital in the UAE. The data is used to study methods for diagnosing Parkinson’s disease, dementia and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

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