$920B is the number to watch now that crypto’s trillion dollar total market cap is gone

Big round numbers always pique the interest of investors and the $1 trillion total crypto market capitalization is no exception. It’s a level that held for 48 days before collapsing on March 9. After a 16-hour negative 8.6% price movement, the indicator fell to $914 billion, its lowest level since Jan.13.

Total crypto market cap in USD, 1-day. Source: TradingView

Concerns about the stability of the U.S. banking industry, specifically the downfall and subsequent closure of Silvergate Bank (SI) on March 8 and the shut down of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) on March 10 by The California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation, are among the reasons for breaking below the $1 trillion capitalization support. Silvergate was a critical fiat gateway network for the most important cryptocurrency exchanges and intermediaries.

The California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation did not provide an explanation for SVB Bank’s closure. Nonetheless, it stated that the financial institution will be the first FDIC-insured institution to fail in 2023.

Silicon Valley Bank possessed more than $200 billion in assets and provided financial services to a number of crypto-focused venture firms, including Andreessen Horowitz and Sequoia Capital.

Don’t forget, however, the ongoing efforts of the U.S. Federal Reserve to curb inflation, which include increasing interest rates above 2% in August 2022 and reducing its balance sheet through asset sales. In addition to this, U.S. labor market data released on March 10 revealed the creation of 311,000 jobs in February 2023, supporting the notion that the Fed’s anti-stimulus measures require additional firepower.

The unexpected result of the central bank’s cautious stance is a greater likelihood of a longer and more severe economic downturn. Investors demanded a higher return for two-year treasury notes versus longer-term dated bonds, causing the inverted bond curve to reach its highest level in 40 years.

What is the significance of the $920 billion market capitalization?

A notable bounce occurred as total crypto capitalization reached $920 billion, indicating large buyers around…



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