The ‘soft shell taco method’ of becoming a hot new NFT artist — Terrell Jones, NFT Creator  – Cointelegraph Magazine

Artist: Terrell Jones, Michigan
Date minted first NFT: March 28, 2021
Which blockchains? Ethereum, Tezos

Influenced by classic gangster films, Terrell Jones has a distinctive style that captures imagination and nostalgia. He is about to auction a second piece at Sotheby’s and has a patented “soft-shell taco method” to garner the attention of notable collectors. 

Who is he?

From childhood aspirations of being a cartoonist to now being one of the hottest new NFT artists capturing the attention of elite collectors and Sotheby’s, Terrell Jones is well into his launch trajectory.

Born in Ann Arbour, Michigan, Jones has a visually distinct style. But it is his ability to tell stories through his art such as the collections “Evil in Color” and “Good and Evil” that sets him apart. Just in the last two months, Jones has had some of his highest-ever sales, and there is growing interest in his work.

“A big thing for me has always been to try to connect my stories and images with a deeper part of everyone. With the way things are moving now and with so many artists, people are probably seeing more art within a day than you probably would have seen within a year. It’s been a big shift,” Jones says. 

“Because we can see so much art, I wanted to have my stuff stick to people in a deeper sense. I want them to remember.” 

In a similar vein to Grant Yun (featured last week in NFT Creator), Jones is a big fan of drawing on evocative memories and a sense of longing for the past.

“I’m definitely trying to connect the viewers and collectors of my art with nostalgia. A lot of the music I listen to is for nostalgic reasons. A lot of the movies and shows I watch are for nostalgic reasons. I lead with nostalgia in a sense with my work,” stated Jones. 

“Especially with the ‘Evil and Color’ series, a lot of it does come from old gangster films or old crime films. They’ve been super influential for me and I was very much into them. I’m talking about The…


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