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Name: Simon Dixon
Anonymous: No
Twitter Followers: 109.1K
Known for: Co-founder of Bank To The Future and the dude who wrote the first-ever published book on Bitcoin.

Who is this guy anyway?

Simon Dixon is a true Bitcoin O.G. He is the author of the first-ever published book on Bitcoin in the world Bank to the Future, which was released in February 2012, and has splashed over $1 billion in cash investing in “over 100” different crypto companies, including Kraken, Ripple Labs and — err — Celsius.

Dixon stumbled upon Bitcoin when he was “deep in debt” after his ambitious attempt to start a traditional bank didn’t go to plan. “I failed at that task,” he admits.

Instead of throwing in the towel, Dixon eventually founded BnkToTheFuture, an online investment platform that crowdsources private equity funding, giving smaller-scale investors who can satisfy regulatory requirements in their own countries access to early-stage but risky tech VC-style opportunities, with Celsius, Kraken, Bitfinex and Securitize among them.

In recent times, he has “accidentally become the Chapter 11 guy” as he seems to have psychic powers in predicting what crypto firm is going to go into Chapter 11 next.

“I was telling everyone that Celsius was going to go bankrupt before it went [bankrupt]. I was the one calling out Digital Currency Group as a company that’s probably going to go bankrupt. I [predicted] that BlockFi [would] go into Chapter 11.”

What led to Twitter fame?

Dixon built his 109,000 following organically and says he has “never really invested significant time into providing content for people.” But he’s been “advocating for Bitcoin since 2011,” and his followers grew over the years through sharing content on “building and protecting your wealth using Bitcoin,” and he says Bitcoin personally “transformed” all his finances in life.

In recent times, he has seen an influx of followers due to his advocacy for victims who have lost their savings in…


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