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Name: Mason Versluis — aka “Crypto Mason”

Anonymous: No

Twitter followers: 146.2K

Known for:  Garnering over 1 million followers on social media before he could legally drink in the United States

Who is this guy anyway?

Mason Versluis may only be 22 years old, but he’s already a full-time crypto influencer thanks to his wise old father introducing him to the world of XRP and Ripple before his 17th birthday.

He credits part of his success to hating his first job working in a greenhouse with plants, as it forced him to quickly find something else to do as he “wanted out straight away.”

This led him to run a music marketing agency at university, which, in turn, led him to drop out after a year to concentrate on the business, as he was making some sweet cash.

“I was making more money than my professor on my phone, running a music marketing agency.”

How did he get popular on Twitter?

Versluis admits many of his 146,000 followers on Twitter probably came from his TikTok account where he has garnered over 1 million followers.

Versluis decided the key to success early on was to network with other crypto influencers. This led to occasional likes and retweets from people like XRP crypto enthusiast Bearable Bull, which has helped him gain more visibility.

Versluis believes that Twitter is a “pretty hard place to grow,” saying that “people have to like you for your words.” Paying people certainly works, though, and in the early days, he would do giveaways with prizes up to $10,000 cash and crypto for those who would “like the tweet, retweet and tag three people.”

Did he follow through and pay up? He assures us there is “proof of every single one under the tweet.”

“I love giving back. I wouldn’t be in this position if these people didn’t follow me.”

I always keep my promises. Giving away 1,000 $XRP because Argentina won the World Cup!

Any engagement on this tweet = entry in to win!

One lucky person.

Will draw winner…


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