In a Market Full of Uncertainty These 2 Stocks Look Attractive

Stock picking can boil down to a numbers crunching game, sifting through the ever-shifting data that pours in from the markets as thousands of investors make decisions on thousands of stocks. The permutations are endless.

Not every investors has the time or ability to handle this sorting, but the data tools at TipRanks, especially the Smart Score, have already done the necessary collection and collation. The Smart Score algorithm, after gathering the latest information on every stock, sorts it according to 8 factors, each known as a strong predictor of future outperformance. The result, for more than 8,800 stocks in the database, is a single-digit score, on a scale of 1 to 10, giving investors an at-a-glance indicator of where the stock is headed.

The Perfect 10 is the Smart Score’s seal of approval and especially in uncertain times such as these, the stocks that earn it deserve a second look. We’ll give some of them just that, combining the most recent data from the TipRanks platform, the Smart Score results, and the latest comments from Wall Street’s analysts.

The Trade Desk (TTD)

First up is The Trade Desk, an ad-tech software company based in Ventura, California. Trade Desk offers a powerful data-driven marketing platform for brands and ad agencies, offering tools for marketing and programmatic advertising, all to find maximum advantage in the global digital ad world – a total addressable market that is rapidly approaching $1 trillion. With Trade Desk, users can expand their reach, put their data to work, and even customize the platform.

This is big business, and Trade Desk boasts a market cap exceeding $22 billion. The company brought in almost $1.2 billion in total revenues in 2021 and is on track to beating that total for the following year; despite a difficult economic environment, Trade Desk’s 2022 quarterly reports have consistently shown year-over-year revenue gains. In the last report, for 3Q22, the company had a top line of $395 million, up 31% from 3Q21. Earnings numbers were a bit mixed; the GAAP results, of $16 million in net income and EPS…


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