NFTs have a brighter future on Instagram than on Twitter

The nonfungible token (NFT) industry has experienced some market turbulence over the past few months, but this hasn’t stopped both Twitter and Instagram from making moves into an industry that some estimate could be worth $231 billion by 2030. 

This comes off the back of Twitter having recently announced NFT Tweet Tiles and Instagram releasing an array of different NFT-related tools, and many NFT enthusiasts are naturally starting to deliberate which one will come out on top as the go-to social media platform for NFTs.

Going by their unique value proposition and recent events, it is evident that Instagram currently has more in its favor than Twitter when it comes to NFT integration.

The value of integrating on Instagram

One of the key determining factors for upholding Instagram as having more NFT potential than Twitter is its unique value proposition.

When looking at Twitter’s core offering, most would agree that it is a microblogging platform where users can share short messages (tweets) of up to 280 characters and is primarily used for sharing news, opinions and thoughts with a wider audience.

Instagram, on the other hand, can be characterized as a visual social media platform that is mainly used for sharing photos and videos and is more focused on personal expression and creative self-presentation.

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Given how NFTs are highly visual in nature, Instagram’s value offering already makes it much more suitable for NFT integration, as its user experience and interface are much more immersive and slick when it comes to visuals than Twitter, which is primarily designed for rapid information retention instead.

Another important element to consider is the audience base.

Whilst both have strong Millennial and Generation Z user bases, Instagram not only has a much larger user base at 1.3 billion (compared to Twitter’s 365 million), but its engagement rate is much higher than what is seen on Twitter, with Instagram boasting much higher…


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