Cointelegraph’s crypto intelligence platform is turning 2

Cointelegraph Markets Pro, a data platform designed to level the playing field for cryptocurrency market participants, has been available to the public for nearly two years now.

The platform, which took a year to develop, is the result of an exhaustive analysis of crypto markets and the key drivers of asset price movements.

It was developed jointly by Cointelegraph and The Tie, the most comprehensive and actionable digital asset information provider trusted by 100+ institutional clients.

Testing the VORTECS™ Score

At the heart of the platform is the VORTECS™ Score, which compares current market conditions for over 420 crypto assets to historically similar marketscapes.

A proprietary algorithm analyzes those historic conditions, seeking consistent patterns in market behavior in the following days.

“While we’re all aware that past performance is not indicative of future results, the Cointelegraph Markets Pro platform combines sentiment analysis and social media activity with real-time market conditions in a way that allows us to create very specific models,” says Cointelegraph Markets Pro director, Russell DeCorte.

History doesn’t predict, but it can be deeply informative.

VORTECS™ beta testing delivered compelling results, according to Joshua Frank, CEO of The Tie, sharing, “We tested every score that crossed a certain threshold.

“When the VORTECS™ Score for a particular crypto asset crossed 75, we saw an average price increase of 567.2% over the next 24 hours and 473.49% over the next seven days.

“Moreover, when scores crossed the 80 threshold, asset gains were 600.01% over the next 24 hours and 473.49% over the following week.

“Of course, since many crypto traders are hodling for dear life, the real measure of success during a bear market is whether or not a platform delivers an actual edge over the market.”

Breaking NewsQuakes™ deliver headlines faster

Cointelegraph Markets Pro also features NewsQuakes™, a comprehensive headline news aggregator believed to be the fastest in the cryptocurrency industry.

Cointelegraph Markets Pro has been working with The Tie for two years to identify and…



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