An open invitation for women to join the Web3 movement

There’s no denying the current narrative about Web3: it’s a boys club. And, if we keep affirming this narrative, it’s bound to come true. The truth of crypto as a boys club won’t just be detrimental to women — it’ll be detrimental to the entire promise and growth of Web3. 

Web3 is not an exclusive club designed to keep people out. It’s a rising-tide-lifts-all-boats party that gets better every time someone new joins. The more people involved, the better the outcomes for everyone.

My introduction to crypto came early: It was 2013, and I’d been invited to a small get-together at SXSW in Austin to debate tech and trends — specifically, Bitcoin (BTC). I was the only woman in that group. Many of us knew nothing about Bitcoin, but over the course of the evening, we were invited to get educated. At the time, Bitcoin was trading for $35. Some of us invested that night, others a few weeks later. I waited until the end of the year and bought into the movement at $841 a coin. That decision to jump in has shaped my life considerably. Today, Bitcoin is trading at around $40,000 a coin.

I’ve thought back many times of being in that room in Austin, grateful I was part of those early conversations. But, I’m also a true believer that the conversation is only just beginning. It’s not too late to consider investing in this burgeoning industry.

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“Web3 becomes more welcoming when speculation takes a backseat to participation,” Julian Weisser, a core member of ConstitutionDAO, recently told me. He added:

“When people feel like owners instead of speculators or flippers, they will have a deeper connection to a project. We need more Web3 initiatives that will appeal to humanity’s infinitely-wide range of interests.”

Web3 can (and should) upend years of economic inequality

It’s important to understand some of the reasons why crypto has received the “boys club” reputation so we can smash it. At its core,…


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