Empowering female creators with NFTs and crypto

With the blockchain industry growing at lightspeed, businesses are actively and, even desperately, seeking out talent; and there just doesn’t seem to be enough manpower out there. Enter women — literally around 50% of the global population that has, so far, been heavily underrepresented in crypto. With most developers being men, it’s understandable this still dev-led space noticeably lacks female contributors, but as the industry surges, womanpower is needed.

And, so, women have begun slowly and steadily entering the crypto space and the world of nonfungible tokens (NFTs). While only an estimated 5% of women own NFTs, and 5-15% are creators or founders of collections, the impact of female-led NFT projects is profound. Unlike the mass of solely artistic projects, these female-led NFTs show a preoccupation with social activism and empowerment of women across the globe — a trend charged with the potential to create a new paradigm for more socially-beneficial use cases and models for the asset class.

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Down with the barriers: Time, money, location and class

Initial funding is a huge setback for many women who are typically weighed down by barriers like the gender pay gap. Women have less leeway in their pay, hence fewer funds to spare — a slippery slope to creating a male-driven market. They are also thought to be apprehensive about investing in their own entrepreneurial ideas. However, this risk-averse behavior is not so much a gender-specific trait, as it is a byproduct of the gender pay gap and the fact that women have larger responsibilities in the household. A recent survey indicates that following the post-COVID “Great Resignation,” women are finding it harder to return to work, with childcare and home responsibilities bearing down as the chief reason. Today, with women struggling to return to work and getting paid less overall, it’s natural that they may be less likely than men to find the time…


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