Strong Insider Buying Supports the Bullish Thesis for These 2 Stocks

A quick look at the charts shows just how volatile this year has been for markets. It looks something like a carpenter’s saw, with a jagged-toothed pattern, trending down and then back up. The key to the pattern is, volatility has increased this year. Uncertainty is rising, and it’s getting more and more difficult to predict where the stock market will go.

What the retail investor needs is a clear signal, some sign writ large and easy-to-read, to point the way forward. We can start with the insiders. These are corporate officers, whose positions put them in place to know what’s going on behind the scenes with their companies . This is vital knowledge, that investors can use to inform their own trading.

The Insiders’ Hot Stocks tool, from TipRanks, makes the patterns of insider buying easily accessible. Combine that with some of the other frequently used signals – the consensus view of Wall Street’s analysts, the average upside potential, and you can quickly locate the stocks that have a clear bullish story.

So let’s get started. We’ve pulled up the details on two stocks that show a combination of strong insider buying and plenty of love from Wall Street.

DoubleVerify Holdings (DV)

If there’s one thing that the corona pandemic crisis proved, it’s the ongoing need for digital security. DoubleVerify has known that for a decade or more – the company specializes in creating trust in digital advertising through a combination of fraud identification and brand reputation building. The company was a pioneer in digital ad verification, and today provides a wide range of media authentication services for customers in a variety of businesses, including financial services, telecom, retail, automotive, travel, and pharmaceuticals.

While DoubleVerify has been in business since 2008, it only went public last year. The company held an IPO in April of 2021, a successful launch of more than 13.33 million share into the public domain. The initial price rage was expected at $24 to $27; the stock opened at $35, and closed its first day at $36. DV raised approximately…


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