3 “Strong Buy” Stocks Showing Strong Insider Interest

For investors seeking a clear market signal, the last few weeks have been frustrating at best. So far this year, the main stock indexes are down – the S&P 500 has fallen just over 7%, while the NASDAQ is still in correction territory, with a 12% year-to-date loss. However, the market bounced back starting last week. We saw a week of solid gains that saw stocks make a strong rebound from their low points. The result: for the month of March, the S&P is up 3.9%, while the NASDAQ has gained 3.3%.

This kind of volatility among conflicting long- and short-term trends makes it difficult for the average retail investor to make sense of what’s going on. What’s needed is a clear lead that will cut through the market’s signal confusion.

One strategy is to follow the insiders. These are the corporate officers who combine and ‘inside’ view of company ops with accountability to shareholders and boards for bringing in profits. They know what’s likely in store for their companies – and they’ll trade company stock on that knowledge. To keep the field level, governmental regulators require them to regularly publish their trading activity. The result is a mine of solid data for investors willing to dig into it.

We’ve gotten that digging started, using the TipRanks Insiders’ Hot Stocks tool to look up three stocks that have ‘Strong Buy’ ratings from the Wall Street analysts along with significant ‘informative buys’ from the insiders. Let’s take a closer look.

Aspen Aerogels (ASPN)

First up is Aspen Aerogels, an industrial technology company specializing in aerogel insulation products. Aerogels are a light-weight, high-end, multi-use product, in which liquid-filled pore space has been filled with gas, resulting in a solid with ultra-low density that retains structural strength while showing remarkably low thermal conductivity ratings. Aerogels have found uses in construction, in LNG storage, and in petrochemical refining – and more recently, in the EV battery manufacturing niche.

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That last is worth a look. EVs – electric vehicles – are…


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