Billionaire Ken Fisher Recommends Owning Luxury Goods Stocks; Here Are 2 Names Analysts Like

Ken Fisher

With decades-long success on Wall Street, and personal wealth valued at ~$6.5 billion, legendary stock picker Ken Fisher obviously knows a thing or two about investing and what segments currently represent the best opportunities.

The Fisher Investments founder recently shared his insightful recommendation for savvy investors, suggesting that investing in luxury goods stocks could be a smart and profitable move. Fisher believes that luxury goods companies have a unique ability to thrive even during challenging economic times. These companies, known for their premium brands and top-notch craftsmanship, tend to attract a dedicated customer base that values exclusivity and quality.

“Times are good for global luxury goods,” Fisher said. “Heated inflation didn’t dent their robust gross profit margins, which have remained above 55 per cent since 2021.”

There are other positive developments happening too. Despite concerns of a stalling economic recovery, big French and Swiss companies have been racking up robust sales in China, and as wealth in India spreads wider, big global names are now penetrating there too, causing a “luxury goods spending boom.”

“Look around you in the Middle East and North Africa,” he goes on to add. “The big global brands are expanding everywhere, particularly in the UAE.”

With that in mind, then, we opened the TipRanks database and got the lowdown on two luxury goods names well-liked by certain Wall Street analysts, who see both having plenty of room to run in the coming months. Let’s see what makes them appealing investment choices right now.

Tapestry, Inc. (TPR)

The first name we’ll look at is Tapestry, a renowned luxury brand that has cemented to place as a global leader in the fashion and accessories industry. Tapestry operates three distinct labels: Coach, Kate Spade New York, and Stuart Weitzman. Each brand brings its own thing to the market, catering to different segments of its luxury consumer base.

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