Little Shapes was a ‘social experiment’ to expose NFT botnets: founder

Atto, the pseudonymous founder behind Little Shapes NFT, has revealed that the project was actually a “social experiment” designed to shed light on large-scale nonfungible token (NFT) bot network scams on Twitter.

Since late December 2022, Little Shapes has been attracting much attention from the media and crypto community. This is due to several semi-viral tweets detailing incidents in the founder’s life that seemed too good to be true.

Examples included waking up from a five-month coma, finding out he had assets locked on FTX, telling his wife and then finding out she was cheating on him with other people in the NFT industry.

Hey Little Shapes fam, this might sound crazy but I got into a car accident 5 months ago and just got out of a huge coma. I don’t know what’s been going on since then but we’re coming back harder than ever.

You’re only on the start, of the Little Shapes journey

— Little Shapes NFT (BALLZ) (@LittleShapesNFT) December 28, 2022

In a Feb. 2 Twitter thread, however, the Little Shapes NFT account stated to its 30,800 followers: “thanks for participating everyone — Little Shapes was a social experiment by @BALLZNFT” and shared a link to a 158-page document.

“The exposé was real, though. Here’s how a ring of influencers and founders drained $200 million+ out of the ecosystem over 274 projects,” Little Shapes NFT wrote, adding that:

“Over the past year, NFT Twitter has been manipulated and controlled mostly by a singular Twitter botnet. It showed up mostly in February 2022, and then was used in conjunction with a network of influencers and alpha groups to sell out projects.”

The document itself is titled “The insider NFT bot network that’s been controlling the market behind the scenes.”

It alleges that, since February 2022, a large number of low-level NFT projects have deployed bot networks to artificially build hype and legitimacy, all in a bid to rug-pull investors.

What would happen is a project would come up seemingly out of…


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